Love Honey Wine

Bring out the dragons and demons!

One sip of this beautiful golden nectar and you are ready to slay them all. The overwhelming taste and texture of liquid honey immediately assails all your senses as the smooth texture glides from your mouth to your throat. Close your eyes, hear the bees at work creating this magic elixir just for you. Ah, back to childhood stories.

Warning: Experience it sip by sip to prevent it overpowering you as despite the fantasy you are still a mere mortal.

Love Honey Sweet Manuka Honey wine is made from a blend on Manuka and other native honey, giving the depth of Manuka's rich honey flavour, with spice to lift the palate.

It is fermented on dark toasted oak, to give a character reminiscent of buttery oaked chardonnay,

but with the sweetness of pure honey. It is perfect with dessert, or with a cheese board. It

can also be enjoyed in place of sherry, before or after dining.

The Love Honey Wine comes

in a 750 ml and the alcohol volume is 12%.

We can even make the love honey wine in a 375 ml bottle on confirmed orders. Minimum order 280 bottles.

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