Vincon Stock Concentrate (Wine Stock)

Originally developed for use in airline catering, Vincons, Red and White, are two of the Prenzel Distilling Company's most innovative products. (Runners up as world's most innovative new grocery product at SIAL.) Vincon is a non-alcoholic wine concentrate that is a money and time saving substitute for reductions of table wine. It is certified halal.

When using a recipe that requires the use of wine, Vincon can be added by any time by diluting it with 3 times its volume of water or stock.

Benefits of Vincon

Vincon is a substitute for wine in cooking, if used to best advantage it saves time, money and in many applications, can produce superior results to table wine. Potentially a major asset in your kitchen – it’s worth learning how to take maximum advantage of it.

How to use

  1. Vincon can be used anywhere where wine would be used in cooking – simply postpone the time of incorporation.

  2. Vincon is a concentrate. Use only a ¼ the amount of Vincon as any table wine called for in the recipe.

  3. If you reduce Vincon further you increase the acidity of your dish, Add Vincon near the end of the cooking process. Not at the early stage as you would with wine.

  4. Vincon was created to save you time in the reduction of table wine. You do not need to dilute it back to wine volume prior to using it: it is not a wine.

  5. Adding water to Vincon when making sauces dulls the sauce: they tend to lack the shine and depth of colour which could otherwise have been achieved by using Vincon as recommended – fully concentrated and late.

  6. Use Vincon as an enhancer when sauces or dishes are lacking flavour.

  7. If you need to add a liquid to release flavours from reductions use a vegetable or other unconcentrated stock – add Vincon later.

Applications of Vincon

  1. Red/white wine sauces

  2. Vinaigrettes

  3. Butter sauces

  4. Shallot & other vegetables confits

  5. Marinades

  6. Pickles, relishes and salsas

  7. Poaching eggs

  8. Risottos and paellas

  9. Braised dishes, ragouts, and sautés

  10. Desserts ie. Caramelised for tarte tatin, peaches, pears, etc.

Download Vincon Booklet.pdf

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